Unlocking Property Investment with SAFE Property

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    Overcoming Barriers to Entry

    Owning an investment property is a goal cherished by many people looking to build the life they want, to invest for financial freedom, and to generate a steady passive income stream. 


    However, various challenges often make this dream seem out of reach, whether it be deposit size, borrowing capacity, or just a fear to buy an entire property. 

      Ask us how

      How it works

      Simple. Up to seven investors purchase 5% portions of a high yield property, with each of their names on the title.
      As rental income is generated, the return is distributed amongst the investors based on the proportion of funds they initially invested. YPP customers are paid 11-16% net return monthly on their investment.
      And, unlike term deposits with banks, when you choose to sell your 5% share, not only will you get back your initial investment, but also your share of the capital growth of your property!

      Embark on Your SAFE Property Journey

      Embark on your SAFE Property journey today and unlock the doors to property investment like never before. 

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      Disclaimer: Your Property People does not provide financial advice and recommends consulting a licensed Financial Planner for all financial advisory needs.