Premium investment property options and solutions, with you at the centre.

From goals and planning, to investment property recommendations, sourcing, acquisition, securing of tenants, result analysis and the everything in between, Your Property People provide you with ALL the expertise you need to achieve your property investment dreams.

Quality Partnerships

Quality Partnerships

With a wealth of connections, expertise, innovative strategies, and trusted partnerships, YPP will source property options for you and find the best investment opportunities to match your requirements.


Your Property People thrive working with people from all walks of life and backgrounds, whether you are at the start of your investment journey or looking to scale up your portfolio.

We are your full-scope property concierge service with no expiry date.

Full support
Management of your deals from recommendation through to completion
Local experts
Our teams are experts at sourcing the right properties across Australia
Builders & Developers


Builders & Developers

YPP isn’t interested in bragging about having 100 building and development partners who promise the world. We prefer a far smaller panel of high quality and more authentic partnerships, with many combined years of working with and for our customers.

Your Property People work with a carefully selected panel of building and development partners, who provide us with property options across all of Australia. Some of these partners have been in operation for over 30 and 40 years, and have together, built over 100,000 homes worth over $25 Billion. They aren’t going anywhere. With their own Business Managers and research staff at a local level to complement our team, YPP work with them to research and find the best metrics and options for you.


Finance Brokers

Your Property People’s team are qualified in Finance and Mortgage Broking, so we can discuss with you finance structures and options not only from an experienced perspective, but also an educated and qualified one. YPP connects you to independent Finance Brokers and Strategists, working for you, and only for you. As a result, you can enjoy the peace of mind that it is you and your needs being met. Unlike many other property investment firms, we avoid parading as a “one stop shop.” We believe that a one stop shop is often a model for managing the customer and the narrative for the benefit of the property firm, not the customer. That’s not what we are about. We are about you.

Finance Brokers


Accountants & Financial Planners

Essential for effective property investment is tax planning and claims for depreciation and expenses. An investment property is a business. It is a strategy to make money over the long-term via growth and cash flow. You will need professionals to help you navigate this for you to maximise profitability. Similarly, if you would like to invest via a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF), you will need the guidance of a Financial Planner, coupled with an Accountant to establish the fund before investing. YPP can facilitate those connections. If you have your own network, wonderful! However, if you do need to be connected to independent, credentialled professionals who can assist, YPP are only too happy to help.


Building Inspectors

Building Inspectors

Whether you are investing in established or brand new property, it is crucial to have an independent inspection of the dwelling, to flag any areas of concern and to mitigate risk for future issues. This is why Your Property People have a panel of quality, experienced and independent building inspectors on-hand to check your property and ensure it is at it’s best, from the letterbox, to tiling, to the clothes line.

Conveyancers & Lawyers

Conveyancers & Lawyers

The purchase of any property will require conveyancers and lawyers to exercise the transaction. Your Property People can link you with legal professionals ready to do all the heavy lifting for you. Their role is to examine and execute contracts of sale, pest reports, pre-purchase contract reviews, duty assessments, preparation of settlement figures and exchange of contracts. Your Property People have linked with well-established and premium legal partners whose focus is on supreme customer access and communications with YPP customers, whilst providing blue-chip legal services.



Property Management

And now, your property is ready to earn you money! This means that you need an excellent property management team to do the hard work for you. Marketing the property, advertising, interviewing prospective tenants, conducting regular inspections, ensuring that rent is paid and that the property is being kept in great shape. YPP will connect you with quality property managers who will do all of that, and more, including assisting with landlords insurance and Depreciation Schedules.


Quantity Surveyors

Quantity Surveyors

You will often hear people discuss what you can “claim” for your investment property. Your property is a business, with operating expenses just like any shop or business entity. Yes, you will claim expenses such as rates, insurance, property management fees and loan interest, however, just as important is the concept of depreciation. Depreciation is the cost to you as a business owner where the dwelling decreases in value over time, whilst the land component increases. YPP will connect you with Quantity Surveyors who will prepare a Depreciation Schedule to give to your accountant to calculate depreciation expenses to boost your tax refund.