Unlocking SMSF Property Investment with Your Property People

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    Property Investment

    Introduction to SMSF Property Investing

    While traditional investments like stocks and bonds are common in Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs), diversifying your portfolio is key. SMSF property investing offers an avenue to utilise retirement savings for income-generating real estate.

    Your Property People specialises in guiding SMSF property investments, providing a simple strategy to leverage SMSF funds for real estate development.

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      Our Distinctive Solution

      Step 1: Selection

      Choose from a range of house and land packages featuring our diverse home designs to suit your preferences.

      Step 2: Initiation

      The SMSF enters a single-part contract with Your Property People and a 35% deposit is paid. Your Property People secures the land, oversees construction, and manages payments to the builder.

      Step 3: Completion

      Upon finishing, the SMSF settles the remaining 65% balance. The property is transferred, completing the sale, and the SMSF gains ownership of a new investment property, inside their super.